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Shalowm Covenant Church is the fastest growing Church founded by Pastor Shashi Kiran in 2012. It holds services at Nizampet, Hyderabad and at Tarnaka, Secunderabad. Pastor Shashi is the Senior Pastor of the Church. The name of the church is the reference to chapter 54 of the book of Isaiah from Bible, verse 10 which reveals the church is justified by the righteousness of Christ and by His grace alone the covenant is made to give them an everlasting peace (Shalowm). The Church, as a Primary agent is serving the needy to give them God’s Peace, Justice, Truth by the power of Holy Spirit.

The Church entrusts a creative and relevant message of Christ and His love, thus and so enables you to rest in your union with Christ. We are very excited to help you grow in an efficient environment of true worship that changes your beliefs, soon after shapes your attitude thereupon your performances. Start up living your new and improved life by joining our services to derive an unprecedented and exclusive access for a wildly successful life.


Shalowm Covenant Church has a mission to introduce people the true gospel of Christ Jesus nurture their faith in all the stages of life. In fact, we are anointed to share the fullness of blessing of the gospel of Christ that brings transformation to the lives of Children of God. So we always seek to catalyze the movement of revival through the word of revelations of Christ so as to bring the reconciliation with God and restoration to all the areas of believer’s lives.

You can get an outstanding resource of us. To have inspirational messages from Pastor Shashi, Check out the audio lists & Start living your promised blessed life now. You are also encouraged to get access to Youtube for a wide range faith related sermons & step into your purpose to live abundant.

About Pastor Shashi Kiran

Pastor Shashi Kiran was born on June 10th 1978. He is the eldest of three children born to Mr. Prabhudas Pulukuri, a Retired Railway Employee and Mrs. Ratna Kumari, a Retired State Government Employee. On March 23rd 2007, Pastor Shashi married Frankleena, a Dietician. They both are blessed with two sons Joel Shamgar (8 years) and Joab Manohar (7 years). Pastor Shashi was raised in Christian believer’s family; nonetheless he lived as an atheist till 1998. When he felt sick due to some health conditions, he began trusting God and reading the Bible. Starting to study the word from that time, Shashi learnt many truths about God that prompted him to take baptism on April 15th 2001. Accepting the validity of God’s word and its effectiveness in origin, he commenced doing personal evangelism and ushered many youth towards God. Though he was blessed with secular job for some period, he was heeded to the call of full-time Ministry. Soon after, in 2010 Pastor Shashi resigned his job and started the journey of Full- time Ministry. He became consumed with knowing and experiencing God, the revelation of His Word and the glory of His Son.

Ministry Career

sense of Hope

Pastor Shashi Kiran’s ministry continued to enlarge, prompting the foundation of “Shaloשm Covenant Church” in Hyderabad in the year of 2012. He started the worship service in Nizampet (at Ashreya Oldage Home), Hyderabad. On 2013 Oct 6th, Pastor Shashi was encouraged to start another service of “Shaloשm Covenant Church” in Tarnaka (at David Memorial College), Secunderabad. The Churches are growing in such a way that draws integrated congregation helped Pastor Shashi renowned as a Speaker and Pastor.

He also began acquainted with local pastors to strengthen co-pastors and evangelists so to cultivate flourishing ministries. Indeed, He is also committed to train and equip the leaders, pastors and evangelists in a creative and effective environment of bible teaching. As a part of ministry, Pastor Shashi is involving in Christian counseling in order to help the people regain a sense of Hope for their life that is found in Jesus Christ. Veritably, Shashi was gifted with essentials skills in personal and pastorals counseling. He does focus on physical, psychological, relational, financial, business and family counseling by means of maintaining the values taught in the word of God. The fulfillment of his calling is now being witnessed by the Holy Spirit among many, with the signs and wonders of healing and deliverance.


Preaching Style

word of Christ

The preaching of Pastor Shashi is substantially committed in unveiling people the unconditional love and unending hope found in personal relationship with Jesus, the Christ. He was dedicated to strengthen the children of God everywhere be inspired and rediscover their true purpose of their lives. His ministry is all about exalting the person of Jesus and pointing people to His finished work at Cross. First and foremost, his sermons are being a great blessing to the people to recognize the need of establishing in righteousness of God.

Pastor Shashi has received the ministry of reconciliation and called to be the witness of Christ Jesus. Understanding His call to renew the faith in believers he has been working as a pastor in Shaloשm Covenant Church. He is often involved in the commission of preaching, as his role is to teach and testify the truth. Believing that faith comes through the hearing of word of Christ, Pastor Shashi preaches the word of Christ in the dimensions of God’s mandate that results with the blessings of enlargement and sustainability of the lives of many people. To say, He is obligated to introduce people the true gospel of Christ, to nurture their faith of all the stages.

Pastor Shashi always says his favorite quote – Yashua (Jesus) HaMashiah(the Christ) Lived my life on the Cross, Now I am Living His life(He is Living in me)..

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